How to Install AerialJackets®

Equipment can easily be damaged by the elements, dust, debris while stored or during transport. Avoid expensive repairs and replacement costs with AerialJackets for your scissor lifts, boom baskets, and control boxes. Made from high-quality, water-resistant material, AerialJackets® provide the protection your machinery needs.

Each AerialJacket® is easy to install and includes a retractable lock to prevent unwanted use and theft when not actively in use.


AerialJackets Installation Guide

1. Stretch the AerialJacket over the machine lengthwise, making sure that the opening is toward the entry point. 

2. Once you have covered the machine, straighten, secure, and zip to close the cover.

3. To secure the cover to the machine, run the retractable lock through the grommet holes and zipper pull at the base of the AerialJacket.

To further secure the AerialsJacket, slide the included bungee under the lift or basket and secure each hook to the grommets located on either side of the base of the cover.