DripDiapers ® – Scissor Lift Diapers

Keep your work site clean with DripDiapers®. Also known as scissor lift diapers or oil diapers, DripDiapers® have an absorptive pad at the center that soaks up oil and other fluids from scissor lifts, boom lifts and other construction equipment. Designed for mobility, this scissor lift leak protection moves with your machines.

DripDiapers® are easy to use and come in seven standard and three pre-cut sizes, so they fit any piece of equipment. An installation kit comes with each DripDiaper®. The kit includes clip/hook combo bungee cords and neodymium magnetic hooks for attaching. With 96 lbs of pull force per magnet, you’ll never have to worry about a droopy diaper. These features make DripDiapers® quick to install and reliable, allowing you to focus on your work.

DripDiapers® work better than wrestling with on-the-fly fixes like plastic and duct tape. They can easily absorb large leaks, up to ½ gallon of fluid, and are tough enough for any job site. They trap oil and other fluids, but don’t absorb water. You can use them again and again by just swapping out the absorptive pad. 

Crafted right in our Englewood, CO office, DripDiapers® are a testament to American-made quality.

Key Features:

  • Replaceable pad, reusable diaper
  • Absorbs up to a ½  gallon of fluid
  • Easy to install with flexible attachment points
  • One-size fits multiple machines
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Same-day shipping

Choose DripDiapers® – the hassle-free solution that keeps your job site clean and protected.

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Pre-Cut DripDiapers

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In addition to our standard DripDiapers we also offer custom Pre-Cut DripDiapers that are available for select equipment. For more information please contact us.

Additional Kits/Pads

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Reuse your DripDiaper by purchasing additional install kits and absorptive pads found in extras.

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DripDiapers, also called a lift diaper, provide superior leak protection and offer several advantages over similar products. Unlike DIY solutions like plastic and duct tape, our lift diapers are engineered to effectively absorb equipment leaks and are durable and tough enough to provide floor protection on any job site. DripDiapers are produced using high-quality materials and are manufactured in the USA at our headquarters in Englewood, CO. Our on-site manufacturing allows us the ability to fit DripDiapers to any machine.

  • Replace pad and reuse
  • Traps oil & fluid but allows water to evaporate
  • Easy to install
  • One-size fits multiple machines
  • Absorbs up to 1 gallon of fluid
  • Magnets with up 96lbs pull each
  • Magnets offer flexible attachment points
    • Our scissor lift diaper magnets offer flexible attachment points
    • Same day shipping on all DripDiapers
    • No taping required resulting in less clean up
    • Pothole protectors function fully
    • Made in the USA
    • Our scissor lift floor protection solution works with all surface types


Are DripDiapers flame resistant?

DripDiapers are flame resistant but should not be used near an open flame.

Flame Resistance: California Fire Marshall Registration # FA-41501.

Click here for the full DripDiapers spec sheet.

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