TireSocks® – Non-Marking Tire Covers for Interior Construction

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Equipment used for interior construction like boom lifts, scissor lifts, and warehouse forklifts often result in scuff marks and scratches on newly poured slabs and other finished flooring. Even equipment with non-marking tires can leave behind unsightly marks and residue. Clean up for this type of damage is time-consuming, tedious, and costly, typically causing major project delays and costly repairs. TireSocks® are the durable non-marking tire covers you need to protect your job site.

Also known as tire protectors, tire wraps or tire wheel covers, TireSocks provide surface protection that moves with your machines. They are easy to install, won’t slip off tires, and self-center as you drive, making them the ideal tire covers for indoor construction projects. Protect your floor and bottom line with TireSocks.

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Heavy-Duty Option

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Heavy-Duty TireSocks include an extra layer of reinforced fabric and a patch over the seam for additional durability. The HD option is recommended for projects lasting two or more weeks, tires over 30″ tall, or simply to extend the life of your TireSocks.

Custom Logo Upgrade

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Distributors can customize TireSocks with your company logo at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE*. Custom logos offer a unique branding opportunity that will set your equipment apart from the rest! In addition, the extra job site exposure gained is a valuable marketing tool. Custom logo orders typically ship within 24 hours.

*One-time set up fee

Features and Benefits

TireSocks, sometimes referred to as tire booties, no marks tire covers, wheel socks, wheel booties, scissor lift wheel covers, or non-marking forklift tire covers, are the best on the market. Our unique TireSocks product is designed to be effective and durable, providing full coverage over the tread and wheels of traditional and non-marking tires to prevent tracks and residue on concrete or other finished surfaces.

TireSocks are produced using high-quality materials and manufactured in the USA at our headquarters in Englewood, CO. Our on-site manufacturing gives us the ability to fit any tire for any machine, no matter how big or small. This way, you can focus on your job and let TireSocks take care of the fit. Customize your TireSocks with your company logo and make them a marketing tool!

  • Made in the USA
  • Easy to install
  • Self center as you drive
  • Won’t slip off the tire
  • Tough enough to withstand any jobsite
  • Bungee seam for secure fit
  • Customizable with your company logo
  • Made for any size tire
  • Stock items ship same day
  • Protects concrete, stone, tile, wood, etc.


How long do TireSocks last?

TireSocks typically last 2 weeks to 2 months, depending upon the equipment type and your general job site conditions.

 Helpful Tips to get the most out of your TireSocks:

  • Use only on smooth, interior surfaces
  • Ensure proper installation of your no mark tire covers by confirming that the red to black seams are not on the tread
  • Always keep the machine in motion when turning the wheels.
  • If possible, remove TireSocks when driving machine on exterior or rough surfaces.
What are TireSocks made of?
  • Tire Tread Cover: 1680D x 1680D nylon fiber fabric
    • Coating: 1 oz urethane.
    • Finish: Durable water repellant top coat.
  • Wheel Hub Cover: 600 x 600 Denier polyester fiber fabric
    • Coating: 2 pass urethane.
    • Finish: Durable water repellant top coat.
  • Optional Accessory:
    • Liner for Heavy Machinery: Vinyl coated polyester fabric.

Click here for the full TireSocks spec sheet.

Are TireSocks water-resistant?

TireSocks feature a durable water-repellant top coat.

What is the difference between standard and heavy-duty TireSocks?

Heavy duty TireSocks feature an additional layer of fabric and a patch over the seam for additional durability.  The heavy-duty option typically doubles the life of your non-marking tire covers..

What are TireSocks Also Known As?

TireSocks is our official brand name, but customers refer to these products in a myriad of ways, including:

  • Tires Socks 
  • Tire Wraps
  • Tire Covers 
  • Scissor Lift Wheel Socks 
  • Floor Protection for Scissor Lift 
  • Floor Protection Booties 
  • Tire and Wheel Covers 
  • Floor Socks 
  • Lift Tire Covers 
  • Lift Tire Socks 

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